Columbia Legal Services organizes its advocacy through the work of five project groups. Each project addresses a segment of the communities served by our organizational mission, approaching their work using a variety of strategies designed to achieve project-specific goals for our clients.

The Basic Human Needs Project works to ensure that the laws and rules of Washington guarantee a "safety net" of rights and benefits for all Washington State residents living in poverty. Our goal is to ensure children and their families, persons with disabilities, and the elderly have the housing, health care, and financial support needed to lead dignified lives.
The Children & Youth Project works to improve the lives of children and youth who are low-income, at-risk, homeless, or in foster care, through community education, research, policy advocacy, and litigation.
The Institutions Project works in Washington to create a safer and stronger society by reducing overreliance on confinement, ensuring just and humane treatment for people who are institutionalized, and supporting successful transitions back to our communities.
The Working Families Project advocates on behalf of our client communities for safe and fair employment practices, economic opportunities, and reduced barriers to financial security.