Columbia Legal Services is grateful to our major donor:

Legal Foundation of Washington

CLS is also funded through generous grants and donations from the following:

  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Campion Foundation
  • Elder Law Section of the Washington State Bar Association
  • Thomas V. Giddens Jr. Foundation
  • United Way
  • Anonymous

CLS does not charge its clients fees, as the clients are unable to pay attorneys fees. CLS sometimes receives attorneys fees in cases in which those fees by law are paid by opposing parties because CLS’s clients have won the case. Because we do not receive fees in most cases, we depend upon grants and donations to sustain our work.    

Your contribution will ensure that no vulnerable population is left to ‘fall through the cracks’ of our justice system. To support our work, please donate to the Campaign for Equal Justice, our state’s annual giving drive sponsoring the work of CLS and our partners in the Alliance for Equal Justice.

You can support our work with a direct contribution.

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